Postdoctoral Positions

steve clouse steve_clouse at
Thu Aug 9 13:49:14 EST 2001

Two postdoctoral positions available Oct. 1, 2001, to study
brassinosteroid signal transduction in Arabidopsis. Position 0105; The
successful applicant will conduct research on brassinosteroid signal
transduction using techniques of plant molecular biology and
biochemistry. The primary experimental objectives will be to identify
the in vivo  autophosphorylation  sites of the Arabidopsis BRI1 receptor
kinase and determine if autophosphorylation events are
brassinosteroid-dependent. Techniques employed will include
immunoprecipitation of BRI1 from purified membrane preparations followed
by advanced analysis by mass spectrometry in collaboration with experts
in that field (Oh et al., Plant Physiology 124:751-765, 2000). Position
0106; role of TRIP-1 in BR signaling (Jiang & Clouse, Plant J 26:35-45,
2001). The primary experimental objectives will be to determine if the
TGF-beta Receptor Interacting Protein homolog in plants is a substrate
of the BRI1 receptor kinase in Arabidopsis. Minimum requirements include
a Ph.D. in biochemistry, genetics, molecular biology or plant
physiology, and experience with recombinant DNA techniques and protein
biochemistry. Expertise in immunoprecipitation of proteins and kinase
biochemistry would be particularly relevant. Apply to position number by
sending C.V. and email addresses of three references to: Dr. Steve
Clouse, Box 7609, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC
27695-7609 USA. Email: steve_clouse at Equal Opportunity


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