Growing C24 ecotype under tube lights

bernie carroll at
Thu Aug 9 22:28:06 EST 2001

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>  Subject: Growing Arabidopsis in sand]
>  From: stephen.evans at
>  Date: Tue 08 May 2001 - 10:32:32 BST
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>  We are growing C24 ecotype in sand culture in a greehouse with 70% 
>shade cloth and tube lights.  Our transformation rate has been well 
>below 1%, which should be
>  the rate using the floral dip method.  I suspect the lights may be 
>a problem and have read that C24 ecotypes appear to have problem 
>growing under tube lights
>  (according to ARASYSTEMS user manuel).  Has anyone had similiar 
>problems and/or solutions?


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