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Wed Aug 15 10:15:21 EST 2001

Postdoctoral Position / Junior Scientist in Wheat Molecular Biology and

The major focus of our research group is the development of strategies
and tools to isolate agronomically important genes from wheat and barley
and to study the structure and evolution of cereal genomes (see e.g.
PNAS 96, 8265-8270; PNAS 97, 13436-13441; Plant Physiol. 125, 1304-1313;
Plant J. 26, 307-316). The successful candidate will be responsible for
setting up a project in transcriptome analysis in the frame of our
activities as partners in an international wheat genomics program
(ITEC). In addition, the successful candidate will have the opportunity
to build up a project within the research topics which are currently
developed in the group. These include map-based cloning of two disease
resistance genes in wheat using newly available BAC resources, the
molecular analysis of genomic changes after polyploidization, the
molecular basis of gametocidal chromosomes and comparative genetics in
grasses. The work will be done in close collaboration with the members
of a larger team conducting cereal and Arabidopsis research and requires
a team-oriented person. The position involves teaching in a short
laboratory course.

The open position is funded for three years by the University of Zurich
and can be extended for an additional three years. We offer a
competitive salary which is dependent on the qualification. Candidates
should have a PhD in plant biology/molecular biology and should be
familiar with basic techniques in molecular biology. Experience with
microarrays and/or bioinformatics is an advantage. Some knowledge in
German would be helpful. Applications in German, French or English
should be submitted to the address indicated below. They should contain
the phone/fax number and E-mail addresses of two references, a
publication list and a CV. Candidates must be available for a personal
interview. The earliest possible starting date for this position is
November 1st, 2001. The position will remain open until a suitable
candidate is found.

Please submit applications before September 20, 2001 to Prof. Beat
Keller, Institute of Plant Biology, University of Z=FCrich,
Zollikerstrasse 107, 8008 Z=FCrich, Switzerland. Phone: +411 634-8211.
E-mail: bkeller at URL: For
inquiries please contact also Dr. Catherine Feuillet
(feuillet at

Dr. Catherine Feuillet
Institute of Plant Biology
University of Zurich
CH- 8008 Zurich
Tel: 4116348231
=46ax: 4116348204
Email: feuillet at


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