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Tue Aug 21 19:20:30 EST 2001

Dear Friends,
	A Keystone Symposium on the topic:
Specificity and Crosstalk in Plant Signal Transduction
will be held at Lake Tahoe California from January 22nd to 27th 2002. 
This promises to be an exciting meeting covering many major advances 
in understanding plant signal transduction pathways, which will 
include dynamic poster sessions, discussions and oral sessions. In 
addition to the presently scheduled speakers, several talks have been 
left open for speakers that will be selected from submitted abstracts 
and further speaking slots can be selected based on the abstracts.
The abstract deadline for this meeitng is September 21st.
For further information on the meeting, conference site and to view 
the present program go to and click on 
"Meetings". Go to meeting "A4 Specificity and Cross Talk ...".
Julian Schroeder

A Keystone Symposium on

Specificity and Crosstalk in Plant Signal Transduction   (A4)

Organizers:  Julian I. Schroeder, Mark A. Estelle and Masaki Furuya
Granlibakken Resort, Lake Tahoe, Tahoe City, California   w   January 
22 - 27, 2002

Keynote Address
Beverly J. Errede, University of North Carolina

Plenary Sessions:
Hormone Signaling Pathways and Cross Talk
Ca2+ Oscillations and Signal Specificity
Cross Talk in Light Signaling Pathways
Subsession:  Proteomics in Plant Signaling
Guard Cell Signaling Networks
Signaling During Plant Defense
Flower Induction Pathways
Auxin Signaling
Stress-Induced Signaling

Abstract Deadline:  September 21,2001   w   Early Registration 
Deadline:  November 20, 2001

A number of speaking slots have been kept open and speakers will be 
selected from among submitted abstracts. Furthermore, additional 
speaker slots can added based on the abstracts

For Information and Program Contact:
JISchroeder at
info at
221 Summit Place, Unit 272, PO Drawer 1630, Silverthorne, CO  80498
800-253-0685     w     970-262-1230     w     Fax:  970-262-1525

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