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Post-Doctoral Positions in Cell Signaling and Cytoskeletal Organization

Our lab is studying the cellular basis of plant cell growth. Arabidopsis
leaf epidermal development is being used as a model process to identify
genes that are required for polarized cell expansion, tissue function,
and organ shape. We have identified several loci that are required for
normal cytoskeletal organization as well as leaf and root development.

One research project will focus on the characterization of a novel plant
adapter protein, SPIKE1. SPIKE1is related to the DOCK180 family of
adapter proteins that regulate cytoskeletal organization in response to
extracellular signals. Based on immunolocalization and GFP-based
cytoskeleton probes, SPIKE1 integrates cell-cell interactions and
microtubule organization during epidermal development. We are exploring
several avenues to understand the composition and function of
SPIKE1-containing complexes in vivo. Experience in protein biochemistry
is desirable. Another project employs the "distorted" group of leaf
trichome mutants to understand actin-dependent growth in plant cells.
Diverse molecular genetic, biochemical, and cytological tools are being
used to understand "DISTORTED" group gene function. (see: ).

If interested in discussing these projects on more detail please send
your CV and the names and e-mail addresses of three references to:

Dr. Dan Szymanski
dszyman at

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