Expression Viewer!

Suparna Mundodi smundodi at
Tue Dec 4 18:11:26 EST 2001


We have recently added a new tool on Arabidopsis Functional Genomics
Consortium (AFGC) web page to analyse/visualize microarray expression data
which is called "Expression Viewer". You can view this at or you can go directly
from AFGC main page and then click on Microarray. You will see a
Expression Viewer onthis page.
Based on the query, Expression Viewer displays the expression data for
that gene across all the experiments in a selected dataset from AFGC
database and it also gives expression information for 19 genes that share
similarity with the gene under query. I hope this tool will help the Plant
community in their reserach and better understanding of Arabidopsis
expression data.

Suparna Mundodi, Ph.D.
Carnegie Institution of Washington
Stanford, CA
650-325-1521 X342


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