Free Copy of School Magazine on GM Food Issues

C. S. Prakash prakash at Tusk.Edu
Thu Feb 8 12:01:11 EST 2001

<x-flowed>Dear Friends:

Please note the message below from <JeffADavid at> announcing the
new issue of the high school magazine "Your World" focusing on GM
Crops. You can get a free copy of this beautifully illustrated
magazine issue on agricultural biotechnology by writing to him.
Please feel free to pass on this information on the magazine to your
local school biology teacher or the library. This issue may also be
useful if you are asked to speak about biotech foods at local schools
and in your outreach efforts with the general public. High school
teachers can also request an additional teacher's guide that goes
with the issue. Please write directly to <JeffADavid at> and not

- Prakash


From: JeffADavid at
Sub: High School Biotech Magazine "Your World" issue on GM Crops!

The Biotechnology Institute ( )
recently published an issue of "Your World" magazine addressing the
topic of 'Genetically Modified Food Crops' . A free sample is
available to you. Please e-mail JeffADavid at to request a copy
of the issue, we will also send you the accompanying poster for free
and an order form for Your World subscriptions, back issues, and
other materials.

'Your World' is a magazine of biotechnology applications designed for
high school (7th to 12th grade) students that colorfully explores the
science and applications of biotechnology. Each issue explores a
particular topic in depth by examining a variety of related
applications of biotechnology and relating them directly to the
students "world". Seventeen issues of Your World have been produced
over the past ten years, and 12 issues are currently in print.

CS Prakash served as the science advisor for the issue, which
features articles on: The Gene Revolution in Food, Creating Better
Plants, Weed Warriors, the Monarch Butterfly Effect, Golden Rice,
Potato Power, a profile of Florence Muringi Wambugu, and a GM versus
non-GM soybean experiment.

The Biotechnology Institute is a nonprofit educational organization,
affiliated with the Biotechnology Industry Organization, that is
working to support a greater public understanding of biotechnology
issues. The Institute is working to dramatically expand the
distribution of Your World throughout the United States and the
world.  Your World is currently used by approximately 750,000
students per year.




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