Nature Arabidopsis Poster

DAVID W MEINKE meinke at
Wed Jan 3 17:35:52 EST 2001

Dear Colleagues:

Nature plans to make available additional copies of the Arabidopsis poster
included in the December 14 genome issue at no charge while supplies last.
They will eventually create a web form to facilitate ordering of both the
poster and the accompanying Arabidopsis CD.  For the moment you can send
your request to Chris Surridge at C.Surridge at (put "Arabidopsis
Poster Request" in the subject line).  When initial supplies of the
poster become depleted, there will still be a mechanism to order copies
at cost.  Because the poster was designed to educate the general public
about the Arabidopsis Genome Project, please encourage colleagues
associated with science education to use the poster for instructional

Best Regards,

David Meinke

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