New T-DNA populations available at ABRC

Randy Scholl scholl.1 at
Tue Jan 9 15:10:36 EST 2001


Two new sets seeds of T-DNA lines are now available from ABRC.  Both
are described below, including the appropriate ordering information.

1. 37,800 insertion lines in Ws-2 background from Drs. M. Sussman and
R. Amasino, University of Wisconsin Arabidopsis Knockout Facility as
pools of 225

This is a group of 37,800 lines for forward screening assembled from
the first T-DNA population of the Arabidopsis Knockout Facility. This
stock is distributed as 168  pools of 225 lines each.  These T-DNA
pools were generated by the Agrobacterium vacuum infiltration
technique using a derivative of the pD991 vector from Dr. Thomas
Jack. The genetic background for this stock is Ws-2 (CS2360, included
with this stock).  Please consult the Arabidopsis Knockout Facility
web site for details. Please note that there are ordering
restrictions on these stocks:  ABRC is not allowed to send the seeds
to any private company.

Ordering information for the complete set of 168 pools representing
all 37,800 lines:
Stock number: CS22830
Cost: academic=$250

2. 9,650 T-DNA lines in C24 background from Drs. R. Bressan and S.
Yokoi, Purdue Univeristy as pools of 100

Included are 9,650 activation tag T-DNA lines, as 96 pools of 100
lines and 1 pool of 50 lines.  Vacuum infiltration transformation was
conducted on C24 plants with the pSKI15 vector from Dr. D. Weigel
into which a luciferase-stress expression construct was inserted.
The parental, C24 line (CS906) is include with this stock.

Ordering information for the complete set of 97 pools representing 9,650 lines:
Stock number: CS31400
Cost: academic=$100; company=$300

You may order the above stocks by proceeding to the "Place Order"
section of the AIMS database (, logging
in and entering the stock number in the order.



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