plant expression vector

Andrew Bent afb at
Thu Jan 11 13:57:25 EST 2001

Colleagues -

As this type of request for plant transformation vectors seems to be fairly
common, it seemed worth mentioning a very helpful article that was recently
Roger Hellens, Philip Mullineaux and Harry Klee, 2000.  Technical Focus: A
guide to Agrobacterium binary Ti vectors.  Trends in Plant Science, Volume
5, Issue 10 (October 2000), Pages 446-451.

In addition, the following web site provides free access to an extensive
set of very useful vectors:

Andrew Bent

>Dear Colleagues:
>Does anybody has or know who has plant expression
>vector with bar or other selection genes except
>Kanamycin resistance gene? Which company sell this
>vector? Your kind help would be greatly appreciated.
>xdding at
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