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Mon Jan 15 08:57:58 EST 2001

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Dear Colleagues,<br>
In its first issue of the new millennium, the journal Plant Physiology is
publishing a special issue on some the greatest advances in plant science
of the past quarter-century. The American Society of Plant Physiologists
(ASPP) is publishing this special issue of Plant Physiology on<b> January
11</b> to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of this widely cited journal.
The January Special Issue focuses on the conceptual breakthroughs of the
past 25 years as perceived by over 40 authors who have been at the
leading edge of this unprecedented surge in scientific progress. As part
of the 75th anniversary celebration, special free access to the
electronic version of these conceptual breakthroughs is available
at<font face="Times, Times" size=4>:</font><font color="#0000FF"><u>
<a href="" 
</font>Thank you,<br>
Natasha Raikhel<br>
Editor-in-Chief of Plant Physiology<br>
ps: our December Arabidopsis Special issue will be free on the Web until
the end of January<br>
<div>Natasha Raikhel</div>
<div>Editor-in-Chief, Plant Physiology</div>
<div>MSU-DOE Plant Research Laboratory</div>
<div>Michigan State University</div>
<div>East Lansing, MI 48824-1312 USA</div>
<div>Phone: (517) 353-3518</div>
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<div>e-mail: nraikhel at</div>
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