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Wed Jan 24 09:03:12 EST 2001

Post-Doctoral Position Announcement (Ume=E5, SWEDEN)

Proteomics approaches to studying the regulation of metabolism by low
growth temperature

The aim of this project is to study global changes in protein profiles
during low temperature stress (short term) and acclimation to growth at
low temperatures (long term) in Arabidopsis and poplar, with special
emphasis on proteins involved in carbohydrate and nitrogen metabolism. We
have established transcript profiling for Arabidopsis and Poplar,
including micro-array analyses and the preparation of subtractive cDNA
libraries. We now wish to initiate studies to link data from genomic
analysis with proteomics (2-D gel electrophoresis and mass spectrometry).

The work will be carried out within the recently formed Ume=E5 Plant Science
Centre. The main research areas within UPSC are photosynthesis and
metabolism, plant development, ecophysiology and forest genetics
( The Centre has advanced core facilities for
chemical analysis, sequencing and the production of transgenic plants.
UPSC runs a large-scale Poplar EST sequencing project
( and has recently acquired in-house
facilities for functional genomics including instrumentation for
large-scale sequencing, spotting and analysis of micro-arrays and mass
spectrometers for protein and metabolite profiling. The applicant should
have a Ph.D. in biology (a background in molecular biology is preferred)
with practical experience in routine molecular biology/biochemical
techniques. The fellowship is for one year, with the possibility of
prolongation for a second year. The fellowship is tax-free and in the
range of 14,000-16,500 SEK per month, depending on experience. Closing
date for application is February 28, 2001.

Applicants should submit a full curriculum vitae and the names and e-mail
addresses of two referees to Dr. Vaughan Hurry, Department of Plant
Physiology, Ume=E5 University, S-901 87 Ume=E5, Sweden. Tel: 46-90-786 6845,
fax: 46-90-7866676, email: Vaughan.Hurry at

Leszek A. Kleczkowski

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