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Wed Jan 24 10:54:11 EST 2001



</bold>The 12th International Arabidopsis meeting will be held June 23
- 27, 2001 in Madison, Wisconsin USA.  A schedule of session topics and
chairs is pasted into this message.  The schedule will also be
available at The Arabidopsis Information Resource (TAIR) website

  In addition to invited speakers, speakers will be chosen based on
abstracts.  The deadline for abstracts is April 16th.

Registration will be available online through the University of
Wisconsin's Memorial Union.

See you on the terrace!

Kathryn Barton (mkbarton at facstaff.wisc.edu) and Peter McCourt
(mccourt at botany.utoronto.ca) for the North American Arabidopsis
Steering Committee


</bigger><underline>Saturday, June 23, 2001


</bold>Arrival and Registration



Keynote Address	Steve Henikoff, Fred Hutchison Cancer Research Center

  Opportunity for workshops

<bold><underline>Sunday, June 24, 2001


</bold>Session 1:	Genomics.

Session chair:	Shauna Somerville, Stanford University

Session 2:	Metabolism and metabolic regulation

  Session chair:	Christoph Benning, Michigan State University


</bold>Session 3:	Cell Biology 1 (Includes cell cycle regulation, intra
and intercellular transport, cellular morphogenesis)

Session Chair: Dirk Inze, Department of Plant Genetics, VIB

Session 4:  	Inductive Processes (responses to inductive signaling
mechanisms for instance mechanisms of floral induction, mechanisms
underlying hormone responses)

Session chair:	Takashi Araki, Kyoto University

		Eiji Nambara, Institute of Physical and Chemical 
Research (RIKEN)


</bold>Poster Session 1

<bold><underline>Monday, June 25, 2001


</bold>Session 5: 	Genetic mechanisms (Epigenetics, chromosome
behavior, meiosis, recombination, DNA repair, transcriptional

Session chair:	Steve Jacobsen UCLA

Session 6:	Evolution

Session chair:	Pilar Cubas, Universidad Autonoma de Madrid


</bold>Session 7:	Responses to the biotic environment (includes plant
pathogen interactions)

Session chair:	Andrew Bent, University of Wisconsin-Madison

  Opportunity for workshops


</bold>Poster Session 2

<bold><underline>Tuesday, June 26, 2001


</bold>Session 8:	Responses to the abiotic environment 1 (includes
responses to light and gravity),

Session chair:	Patrick Masson, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Session 9:	Pattern Formation and Cell fate determination (The
generation, establishment and response to positional cues.).

Session chair:	Rudiger Simon, University of Cologne


</bold>Session 10:	Cell Biology 1 (includes cytoskeleton, cytokinesis,
cell wall biology, organelle biogenesis,)

Session chair:	Geoff Wastenays, Australian National University

Session 11:	Sex and reproductive development  (includes floral
development, gamete development and function)

Session Chair:	Justin Goodrich, University of Edinburgh, UK


</bold>     Poster Session 3

<bold><underline>Wednesday, June 27, 2001


</bold>Session 12:	Responses to the abiotic environment 2 (includes
responses to water, temperature and salt)

Session chair:	Elizabeth Bray, University of California, Riverside

Session 13:	NAASC choices (Abstracts chosen by NAASC committee

Session chair:	Peter McCourt




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