Seeking Identity of Original Source of C24 Seeds

Fred Lehle lehle at
Wed Jan 24 15:45:49 EST 2001

LEHLE SEEDS has received feedback from
several customers in the last year that our
cat. no. WT-15, C24 Arabidopsis wild
type seeds, is different from their
expectation or experience of "C24".  I would
like to ask the community's help in resolving
the basis of this ambiguity.

Our original sample of C24 was obtained from
the Nottingham Arabidopsis Stock Center in 1991
as their catalog no. N906.  I would like to inquire
from current C24 users the original source of
the C24 seeds they are now using.

Specifically, can the pedigree of the C24 seeds you
are now using be traced to NASC N906 or
did it come from some other source?

I can be reached by email at lehle at

Thanks in advance,

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