Post-doctoral positions, York, UK.

Mike Roberts. mrr5 at
Wed Jan 31 05:32:48 EST 2001

University of York,
Department of Biology.

Two 3-year Post-doctoral Research Assistantships

1. 14-3-3 protein function in plants.

2. Functions of peptide:N-glycanases in plant development.

Both projects to be carried out in the laboratory of Dr. Michael
Roberts, the second in collaboration with Professor Dianna Bowles and
Dr. David Ashford.

1. 14-3-3 protein function in plants.
14-3-3 proteins regulate the activities of many proteins in eukaryotic
cells via direct protein-protein interactions. Whilst many
14-3-3-interacting proteins from plants have been identified, the roles
which 14-3-3 proteins play in regulating different aspects of plant
biology have been difficult to address because of genetic redundancy.
To begin to examine these roles, we plan to develop a generic system to
inhibit 14-3-3 function in transgenic plant based on the over-expression
of a peptide antagonist of 14-3-3.  The system will be developed and
applied to investigate 14-3-3 function during a plant pathogen
resistance response.

2. Functions of peptide:N-glycanases in plant development.
We aim to investigate the functions of the recently identified family of
plant peptide:N-glycanases (PNGases) using Arabidopsis and tomato as
model systems. PNGases release the sugar groups from glycoproteins, and
the resulting free N-glycans have been implicated as signals regulating
development.  We have recently identified tomato and Arabidopsis genes
encoding PNGases and now aim to combine biochemical and genetic
approaches to determine biological roles for these genes.

For both projects, candidates should have a strong background in plant
molecular biology, preferably including experience of plant
transformation. For the first project additional experience in plant
pathogen response signalling would also be beneficial. For the second
project, candidates should also have experience in molecular genetics,
preferably in Arabidopsis. Experience in plant biochemistry and
recombinant protein expression would also be an advantage.

Dr. Michael Roberts,

The Plant Laboratory,
Department of Biology,
University of York,
PO Box 373,
YO10 5YW,

Tel: +44 1904 434323
Fax: +44 1904 434312


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