ABRC stock ordering site changed to TAIR

Randy Scholl scholl.1 at osu.edu
Mon Jul 2 14:34:54 EST 2001


The Arabidopsis Biological Resource Center (ABRC) and The
Arabidopsis Information Resource (TAIR) are pleased to announce
that ABRC's stock order processing has now been incorporated into
the TAIR database. Effective immediately (July 1, 2001), TAIR
replaces AIMS as the database source for ABRC stock searching
and placement of orders. You may now search for and
order ABRC stocks in TAIR. Please change your Web bookmarks
for ABRC ordering to the TAIR site (http://arabidopsis.org). In
addition, the TAIR Community section has been completely updated
and user features added to allow individuals to update their own
contact information or register in the system.  The development
of the informatics necessary to achieve this aim is being conducted
by the National Center for Genome Resources (NCGR).

please note that you can use your AIMS LoginIDs and Passwords to
access the appropriate pages.  These have been transferred to
TAIR, for your convenience. ABRC ordering is accessible through
the new Stocks section of the TAIR home page, and your
person information can be accessed from both the stock ordering
pages and from the TAIR home page via Community Search, under
the TAIR DB heading.

While stock searching and ordering can now be conducted in TAIR, the
full stock management system is still under construction. The
implementation of the ordering system will occur in two phases.  The
first phase, now functioning, provides login-based Web ordering
tools. This will be utilized through the end of 2001, after which
a second and more complete system will be implemented.

The current ordering system (first phase) allows the DNA sequence,
genetic and physical maps, and comprehensive genomics data and
capabilities of TAIR to be utilized to efficiently locate clones for
ordering. Searchable seed stock data is available, but these data
are not linked to the genetic and sequence sections of TAIR.
The present ordering process in the TAIR system involves user
login, searching for stocks and placement of orders through
the TAIR Web site, but lacks order history information and linking
of clone and strain searches to the ordering pages.

The second, complete phase will involve full integration of all
ABRC information into TAIR and streamlining of the ordering
and invoicing processes. Tools to enhance genetic and seed
stock searches as well as improvements to the ordering
procedures will be implemented. In this full version, sophisticated
searches for stocks and all ABRC data including stock
order histories will be incorporated.

Feel free to contact us at the Web addresses below if you
have questions about stocks, stock searches or the ordering
process. Direct contact information for ABRC has not changed.
ABRC and TAIR are supported by grants from the National
Science Foundation.  We are pleased to continue serving the
Arabidopsis community in this new format.


Randy Scholl, ABRC
Sue Rhee, TAIR
Dan Weems, NCGR

Questions about TAIR database:      curator at arabidopsis.org
Questions about ABRC seed orders: seedstock at arabidopsis.org
Questions about ABRC DNA orders:  dnastock at arabidopsis.org

Contact information for ABRC:
Arabidopsis Biological Resource Center
Ohio State University
1735 Neil Ave.
Columbus, OH 43210
Phone: 614-292-9371
Phone, R. Scholl: 614-292-1982
fax:   614-292-0603



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