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           A graduate research & teaching assistantship is available at the
Biology Department, University of Louisiana, Lafayette. The assistantship
is for a Ph.D. candidate with a Masters degree. Research work will
focus on novel plant proteins involved in microtubule and actin
microfilament organization, including analysis of AtKSS, a plant
katanin homologue [recent work has been published Protoplasma vol.
216 (3-4)] . Research methods include fluoresence and confocal
microscopy, and basic molecular biology techniques. The ideal
candidate will be motivated in plant cell developmental, and
physiology research.  The assistantship requires a minimum total of
1000 in verbal and quantitative parts of GRE.  Recipients must be US
citizens or hold a green card.
	Information on graduate studies at the University of Louisiana,
Lafayette can be obtained from
	To apply, please mail to me a CV, at the address below.  In
addition, application materials can be downloaded from the website given

	Regina McClinton

Regina McClinton
Assistant Professor
Department of Biology
Post Office Box 42451
University of Louisiana, Lafayette
Lafayette, LA 70504-2451
(337) 482-5153-office
(337) 482-5834-fax
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