Chunxin Wang cxwang at wam.umd.edu
Wed Jul 11 12:59:16 EST 2001

Hi all!

I'm trying to transform my constructs (Tet resistant) into GV3101 and
encountered sereral problems. No colonies formed at all if using
Gen50/Rif50/Tet20 as selection. However, some colonies formed if using
Gen50/Rif50/Tet2 as selections. These colonies could grow again on
Gen50/Rif50/Tet5 plates. Surprisedly, they never grow in liquid medium for
two-three days.

It seems that GV3101 itself is resistant to Tet2 as almost similar amount
of colonies formed on the negative control (competent cells without
plasmid) plates.

Someone told me that many agrobacteria are Tet resistant, is it
true? Is there any Tet-non-resistant agrobacteria I can use? why the
colonies can grow on plates but can't grow in liquid medium?

thanks for your helpf!


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