A technical support position at DuPont

Jianjun_Yang Jianjun_Yang at msn.com
Tue Jul 10 21:15:06 EST 2001

A technical support position in plant molecular biology (Code: 1673HS01CRD)
is available at DuPont Central Research & Development in Wilmington,
DE.  The candidates should have a BS or MS degree in biology or the
equivalent experience.  The position requires strong skills in molecular
biology and protein biochemistry, direct experience in plant transformation,
basis knowledge in plant genetics and cell biology, and excellent scientific
computing and communication skills.  To apply for the position or access
full text of the job description, please refer to DuPont's homepage (<A
href="http://www.dupont.com/careers">www.dupont.com/careers</A>), and refer to
position code number 1673HS01CRD.&nbsp;&nbsp;For further information or
questions, please contact Dr. Gene Yang by e-mail at <A
href="mailto:Jianjun-Gene.Yang at usa.dupont.com">Jianjun-Gene.Yang at usa.dupont.com</A></DIV>
<DIV>Gene Yang, Ph.D.
<DIV>DuPont CR
<DIV>Experiment Station
<DIV>Wilmington, DE 19880
<DIV>Phone 302-695-9021
<DIV>Fax 302-695-8480

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