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Sue Rhee rhee at acoma.Stanford.EDU
Fri Jul 20 20:40:38 EST 2001

We have added several new functionalities and data at TAIR.
Unfortunately the jump in the increase of accesses to our servers is
causing a bit of performance problems. We are in the process of tracking
down the problems and upgrading our system. If you are experiencing
problems using our site, please don't hesitate to contact us.
	curator at

1. Microarray related data files
First set of files containing array elements' association to gene
information on AFGC and Affymetrix chips in our ftp site.

The Affy files are generated by BLAST analysis and manual curation against
the latest TIGR genome data. We are currently working on generating the
AFGC file using the same pipeline. Both of these files will be updated as
the genome annotation data are updated. We are also in the process of
integrating microarry data into our database for searching and

2. Functional Genomics Projects

You can search for genes as well as groups working on functional genomic
characterization of Arabidopsis genes. The gene list can also be download
from our ftp site. If you are funded to work on functional
characterization of a group of genes in Arabidopsis, we would like to
include your gene list. Information on how to submit your gene list can be
found at:

3. Update or Register Your Personal/Lab Information

You can now update your personal or lab profile via our web form. If you
are a user of ABRC, your user name and password have been transferred to
TAIR. If you have an entry in our database but do not know your username
and/or password, please send us an email with the URL that shows your
information in our database.

The TAIR Team


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