post-doc in genetic analysis of germination

Mike Holdsworth mike at
Tue Jul 24 04:17:13 EST 2001

Genetic analysis of germination in Arabidopsis

Applications are invited for a postdoctoral position at the Institute of
Arable Crops Research (IACR). This position will use transcriptome
approaches to define global gene expression patterns, and molecular
genetic approaches to clone and characterise loci important for the
regulation of germination in Arabidopsis.
For example see: Russell, L., Larner, V., Kurup, S., Bougourd, S.,
Holdsworth, M.J. (2000) The Arabidopsis COMATOSE locus regulates
germination potential. Development, 127, 3759-3767.
Holdsworth, M., S. Kurup, R. McKibbin (1999) Molecular and genetic
mechanisms regulating the transition from embryo development to
germination. Trends in Plant Science, 4, 275-280

Candidates should hold a postgraduate qualification in molecular
biology/molecular genetics. This three year appointment will be to Pay
Band 6-PD, with a salary in the range of 19,500 - 23,00 UKP per annum,
is superannuable with 25 days annual leave.

For informal enquiries contact Dr. Mike Holdsworth (email
mike.holdsworth at;

For further details and an application form contact:  The Personnel
Officer, IACR Long Ashton Research Station, Long Ashton, Bristol BS41
9AF Tel: 01275 549326 (24 Hours); e-mail: perslars at  Please
quote Post Ref: 16/01.

The closing date for applications is 4 August 2001.

IACR -Long Ashton is an equal opportunities employer.

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