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A new free online bioinformatics education now available at  is intended to help the drastically increasing
number of researchers who need some bioinformatics training, as well
as computer programmers and business people who lack basic science
knowledge, says S-Star Alliance coordinator Phyllis Gardner of
Stanford: "Now more than ever there is a tremendous need for
researchers to obtain some working knowledge of bioinformatics, but
there is a dearth of faculty to train them, and that's being seen all
over the world." The site's 15 lectures do not currently include
computer programming, but Gardner says that S-Star will tailor the
courses according to feedback. AB (Nature Biotechnology August 2001)


What is S-Star?

S-Star is a collaboration between the following universities and institutions:
Karolinska Institutet, Sweden,
National University of Singapore,
Stanford University, USA,
University of Sydney, Australia,
University of Uppsala, Sweden, and
University of the Western Cape, South Africa.

The S-Star group of teaching institutions have formed a global
alliance to provide a global, unified bioinformatics learning
environment (GLOBULE) made up of modular courses in the disciplines
of genomics, bioinformatics, and medical informatics.
The initial aims of GLOBULE are to:

* Make a jointly provided globally accessible online course for
training in bioinformatics and genomics.
* Provide accessibility to the highest possible quality of online
courseware available in the world today
* Provide high quality assessment, grading and courseware that has
been approved by the educators from the host institutions.
* Develop an integrated modular learning environment that allows a
student to select from both pre-requisite modules and advanced
modules in order to build a comprehensive program in genomics and

Our primary objective is to provide anyone with an introductory
course in bioinformatics. We hope this collection of s-star
bioinformatics lectures will be available to students anywhere
through the internet , regardless of whether our classes are attended
by individuals or in groups.



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