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Jian Hua jhua at
Mon Jun 18 19:45:35 EST 2001

A postdoctoral position will be available in the Department of Plant Biology
at Cornell University to study the regulation of growth homeostasis in
Arabidopsis.  It has been uncovered that growth homeostasis in plants is
genetically controlled.  The BON1 gene is a key regulator for normal growth
at ambient temperatures but not higher temperatures and it encodes an
evolutionarily conserved phospholipid-binding protein.  A BON1 associated
protein BAP1 is involved in this process as well.  Genetic, biochemical and
genomic approaches will be employed to identify other players in this
regulation and the mechanisms of their functions to further understand how
plants regulate cell division and expansion in response to temperature

If interested, please send me a cover letter, CV and the names of three
references by e-mail.  I will be available at the Arabidopsis meeting (Jun
23 to Jun 27, Madison, WI) to discuss the possible projects with interested

Jian Hua

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