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A postdoctoral research position is available immediately in the lab 
of Mary Lou
Guerinot to study metal uptake in Arabidopsis.  Our long term goal is to
manipulate plant mineral status to create food crops with enhanced mineral
content and to develop crops that can bioaccumulate or exclude toxic 
metals.  We
have identified a novel family of metal transporters from a diverse array of
eukaryotes [see: Guerinot  2000 BBA 1465: 190-198].  Arabidopsis family members
variously transport iron, zinc, manganese and cadmium when expressed in yeast.
We have also identified the gene encoding ferric reductase (Robinson et al.
1999.  Nature 397:694). This enzyme is required by most plants to acquire
soluble iron.  Projects currently underway include 1) a structure/function
analysis of the proteins encoded by the ZIP gene family to identify regions of
the protein responsible for substrate specificity and affinity (see Rogers et
al.  2000. PNAS 97: 12356-12360), 2) analysis of transgenic plants 
engineered to
overexpress members of the ZIP gene family as well as lines carrying knockouts
of various transporters for alterations in metal accumulation and 3) 
analysis of
the role of various members of the ferric reductase gene family in metal
metabolism.  We are also using mRNA expression profiling to identify genes that
change expression in response to nutrient deprivation or overfeeding as well as
nutrient profiling to screen for mutant plants with abnormal element
compositions, as part of an NSF-funded Plant Genome project.

A background in molecular biology and genetics is required. Candidates should
have a Ph.D. and a proven record of productivity, including first-authored
publications in

internationally recognized journals.

Mary Lou Guerinot will be available at the Arabidopsis (June 23-28, 
Madison, WI)
and Plant Biology (July 21-25, Providence, RI) meetings to discuss research
possibilities with interested candidates.  Please email if you wish to get
together at either meeting.  Alternatively, send a letter of application,
Curriculum vitae, reprints or preprints and names, addresses and FAX numbers of
3 references to Dr. Mary Lou Guerinot, Department of Biological Sciences,
Dartmouth College, 6044 Gilman Lab, Hanover, NH  03755-3576.  Telephone (603)
646-2527; FAX (603) 646-1347.  E-mail inquiries are also welcome
(guerinot at  Dartmouth College is an equal 
action employer.



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