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Jyan-Chyun Jang jang.40 at
Wed Jun 20 18:04:46 EST 2001

A postdoc position is available immediately in the lab of JC Jang. Our
goal is to understand the molecular mechanisms that underlie glucose
sensing and signal transduction system in plants. We have found that
there are multiple glucose signal transduction pathways in plants. A
subset of these pathways can crosstalk with a branch of either ethylene
or ABA signaling pathways in controlling Arabidopsis seed germination
and early seedling development. However, it is unclear what components
constitute the unique glucose signaling cascades that are independent of
other hormone signaling pathways. Our future research is directed to the
identification and characterization of these unique glucose signaling
pathways. The strategies include the use of DNA microarrays to find
unique glucose regulated genes and mutant screen using specific reporter
constructs responding only to glucose but not ABA, GA or ethylene. In
addition, we have been working on an SCF (AtFBL3) complex that is
involved in a converged glucose and ABA signaling pathway. Further
biochemical and molecular characterization of the complex is planned to
determine the role of AtFBL3 in post-translational regulation.

Interested individuals please send CV and 3 reference (name, phone, and
email address) to JC Jang via jang.40 at
JC Jang will be available at the Arabidopsis meeting (June 23-27) to
discuss the projects.

Jyan-Chyun Jang
Department of Horticulture and Crop Science
The Ohio State University
310A Kottman Hall
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Columbus, Ohio 43210
phone: (614)292-8496 (O)
        (614)292-9116 (L)
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