Fast neutron irradiation and cloning

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With regard to your second question: Yes.  subtractive cloning has
been used (I believe twice at least) by Sun and colleagues [e.g., Sun
et al., 1992, Plant Cell 4: 119].  We have also used large
deletion/rearrangments caused by FNs to identify DNA polymorphisms in
the final steps of two chromosome walks (Huala et al., 1997, Science
278: 2120; Harper et al., Plant Cell 12: 757).

With regard to your first question, I'm sure one of the group working
on developing reverse genetic PCR screening with FN lots might have a
good answer.  There really aren't enough cloned  and defined FN
mutations in the published lit to likely make a good call on this.
Data from flies and worms is a good starting place for estimates


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