Postdoc and Tech position: Neff Lab

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Fri Jun 22 12:51:14 EST 2001


Two positions (one postdoctoral and one technician) are currently available
to study activation-tagged suppressors of phyB in the Neff lab at Washington
University in St. Louis MO. The Neff lab uses activation tagging to identify
suppressors of the long-hypocotyl phenotype of Arabidopsis phyB mutants.

The postdoctoral position is part of a NSF funded project to further dissect
the role that one of these genes, BAS1/CYP72B1, plays in brassinosteroid
catabolism and photomorphogenesis (see Neff et al. 1999, PNAS 96,
15316-15323). Poster #424 at the Arabidopsis Meeting in Madison (June 23 =82
27) describes some of the resent results from this project. Candidates for
this position should have a Ph.D. and first-authored publications in
internationally recognized journals. Candidates should have significant
biochemistry and molecular biology experience. Tissue culture experience,
though not necessary, is desirable. Previous research experience in plant
biology, though desirable, is not required. To apply, please email a CV,
statement of research experience and the names of three references (please
include email, address and phone number) to Michael Neff
mneff at

The technician position involves generation of transgenic, activation
tagging lines, coordinating mutant screens with undergraduates and cloning
and characterizing at least one of the identified mutants. Poster #378 at
the Arabidopsis Meeting in Madison (June 23 =82 27) describes one of the
recently identified and cloned mutants isolated in this screen. Candidates
should have a BS/MS in biology/plant biology with experience in plant
molecular biology and/or molecular microbiology. Tissue culture experience,
though not necessary, is desirable. Interested candidates should contact
Michael Neff via email (mneff at for information on where to
send the application (tech positions are handled by human resources at
Washington University).

Both positions are available immediately for one-year minimum with the
possibility of renewal. Washington University is an equal opportunity

Two graduate students, Edward Turk and Jason Ward, from the Neff lab will be
attending the Arabidopsis meeting in Madison (June 23-27). They each have
posters (#s 378 and 424) describing some of the current research going on in
the Neff lab. Interested candidates attending this meeting should contact
them during the meeting. Dr. Neff will be speaking at the 17th International
Conference on Plant Growth Substances in Brno, Czech Republic (July 1-6).
Interested candidates attending this meeting can discuss research
possibilities with Dr. Neff during the conference.



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