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University of Missouri
Division of Biological Sciences
Columbia, MO

A postdoctoral position is currently available to study the role, and 
modulation of, auxin-regulated changes in gene expression occurring 
during the development of tropic growth responses.  The NPH4 gene, 
which encodes the auxin response factor ARF7, was identified in our 
laboratory as one of the critical components in these responses, with 
null mutations in the NPH4 locus resulting in conditional aphoto- and 
agravitropism (Stowe-Evans et al., 1998, Plant Physiol 118, 1265; 
Harper et al., 2000, Plant Cell 12, 757).  We are currently trying 
to: 1) identify genes regulated by NPH4/ARF7 under conditions where 
mutant phenotypes are being expressed, and 2) identify other 
components of the transcriptional regulatory machinery that appear to 
be able to compensate for the absence of NPH4/ARF7 under certain 
conditions - such as in the presence of ethylene (Harper et al., 
2000, Plant Cell 12, 757) or after phytochrome activation 
(Stowe-Evans et al., 2001, Plant Physiol 126, 826).  Relative to goal 
#1, we are utilizing a combination of microarray and differential 
display methodologies to identify potential target genes.  Relative 
to goal #2, we have identified and are map-based cloning a number of 
second-site mutations that eliminate the conditionality of an 
nph4-null mutant under one or both of the aforementioned conditions. 
In addition to these loss-of-function mutants we have identified a 
number of potential gain-of-function mutants through activation 
tagging in the nph4 background that result in recovery of 
phototropism under conditions where nph4 normal fails to respond. 
This postdoctoral position is to work on one or more of these ongoing 
projects, as well as to develop new approaches to these problems.

Please see http://www.biosci.missouri.edu/liscum/LiscumLabPage.html 
for more information about the Liscum lab.

Applicants for this position should have a PhD in 
biology/biochemistry with experience in plant molecular biology. 
Experience with protein chemistry is certainly a bonus. Interested 
candidates should send a cover letter, CV, and names/addresses of 
three references to Mannie Liscum, preferably by email 
(liscumm at missouri.edu).

The University of Missouri is an equal opportunity employer.


Mannie Liscum
Associate Professor
Division of Biological Sciences
108C Tucker Hall
University of Missouri
Columbia, MO 65211

email: liscumm at missouri.edu
office:573-882-2672; 108C Tucker Hall
lab:573-882-2675 ;108 Tucker Hall
fax: 573-882-0123
web page: http://www.biosci.missouri.edu/liscum/LiscumLabPage.html

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