Mannie Liscum LiscumM at missouri.edu
Thu Nov 8 10:29:52 EST 2001

<x-flowed>Hey all

As part of our Arabidopsis 2010 project we will be using a dot/slot
blot macroarray approach to look at expression profiles.  I am now
polling the micro/macroarray community to get a feel for the "best"
data analysis software out there.  What we are looking for is
software that is versatile, user friendly, and is compatible in data
structuring/output (especially web-based representations, but not
solely) with microarray data in the public sector - e.g. SMD.  We've
been looking at GenePix but would like to stay in a Mac-compatible
environment if at all possible.

Please email me directly (certainly also fell free to post to the
group as well...others may have a similar or same query) at
liscume at missouri.edu with ideas/responses.


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