Plant Cell Biology Position in Dublin

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Thu Nov 8 18:07:16 EST 2001

     The Botany Department, University College Dublin invites applicants
for a permanent full-time position in Plant Cell Biology. Please note
the attached advertisement will soon appear in Nature. The position
is open to people working in plant cell biology. Interested
candidates should visit the UCD Botany Department website for details of the research
interests and teaching programmes of the department. Further
information on application procedures can be obtained from by email
from Academic.Appointments at quoting the reference number 000426
or by from the UCD website: Information
on research funding opportunities in Ireland can be obtained from: and
(000426) Applications are invited from recently qualified
postdoctoral graduates for a full-time permanent Lectureship in Plant
Cell Biology.  Applicants should have a Ph.D. and an established
research record in plant cell and organ structural cell biology using
modern methods of microscopy and molecular biology to investigate
function. The post is in the Department of Botany which, together
with the Departments of Industrial Microbiology and of Zoology, is
integrated into the Division of Biosciences.  The Division has strong
research interests spanning all aspects of biology, including cell
and molecular biology. The successful candidates will contribute to
teaching in the 4-year Honours Degree programmes of Botany, Plant
Genetic Engineering and Cell & Molecular Biology. There are excellent
infrastructural facilities available for research in cell and
molecular biology, with access to a full range of light and electron
microscopes and molecular biology laboratory equipment. New-post
staff will receive start-up equipment and recurrent expenditure
funding from the Department and the Faculty of Science.  National
research programmes offer fast-track access to research grants for
new academic staff in Ireland. The appointment will be made at the
level of Assistant/College Lecturer and entry point on  The current
salary scales are: Assistant Lecturer: *25,946 - *41,876 (IR=A320,434 -
IR=A332,980) (new entrants) College Lecturer: *40,446 - *65,565
(IR=A331,854 - IR=A351,537) (new entrants) Closing date: To arrive no
later than: 5.00 p.m. on Friday 7th Dec 2001.
=46urther information and application procedures can be obtained from
the Personnel Department, University College Dublin, Belfield, Dublin
4, Ireland.  Requests on a postcard or by fax only (quoting above
reference number).  Fax No: 353-1-269 2472 or by Email:
Academic.Appointments at or from our website:
     Information on the Department of Botany can be found on the Botany
Department website website: UCD
is an equal opportunities employer.


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