Plant Physiology Special Arabidopsis Issue

Fred Ausubel ausubel at
Fri Nov 16 09:19:52 EST 2001

>>Dear Colleague:
>Plant Physiology is planning a special issue devoted to Arabidopsis
>in June 2002. The deadline for delivery of manuscripts to the
>publisher is the last week of March 2002. Therefore, authors who are
>interested in contributing should submit papers to the Plant
>Physiology manuscript office to the attention of the Managing
>Editor, Melissa Junior, at 15501 Monona Drive, Rockville, MD 20855,
>no later than the last week in January 2002.
>For additional information, please feel free to contact Associate
>Editor Fred Ausubel at ausubel at or Monitoring
>Editor Philip Benfey at philip.benfey at
>Fred Ausubel and Philip Benfey


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