The Arabidopsis Whole Transcriptome Affymetrix Chip

Town, Christopher ChrisD. cdtown at
Fri Nov 16 20:04:32 EST 2001

The Arabidopsis Whole Transcriptome Affymetrix Chip

As some of you already know, at the suggestion of the US Arabidopsis
Sequencing Advisory Committee, TIGR is currently working with Affymetrix to
develop a whole transcriptome chip based upon the most current genome
annotation. This chip will go a long way towards validating the latest
genome annotation and will be a valuable resource for functional genomics
over the next few years. Due to space limitations, the chip will represent
about 23,000 of the currently predicted 25,000+ genes in the genome. Genes
not represented will be those for which there is no evidence of expression
and weakest computational and database support. Chips will be distributed by
Affymetrix and subject to its standard terms and conditions. Once all the
quality control is completed, the chips will be available as a standard
catalog product with full Affymetrix support. It is anticipated that the
chips will become available early in the spring of 2002 for a price no
greater than $500 per array to academic users.

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