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University is pleased to announce newly established Fellowships in 
Plant Genomics, making possible the award of multiyear funding 
opportunities for outstanding candidates for graduate study.  Plant 
Genomics is a graduate training program administered by faculty 
members from 7 departments emphasizing formal academic education and 
research training on contemporary topics ranging from gene expression 
to quantitative biology using genomic tools.  Entering students are 
awarded program fellowships and rotate among laboratories sharing 
their area of interest during the first year to gain familiarity with 
faculty and ongoing research programs.  Funding for subsequent years 
comprises a combination of fellowships and research and teaching 
assistantships to provide a comprehensive educational experience. 
Degree programs are developed jointly between students and their 
faculty advisory committee, affording flexibility in academic 
preparation for profes

A list of faculty participants and their research interests is shown below.

Jeffrey Chen, Plant functional genomics, epigenetic regulation of 
gene expression
Timothy Hall, Gene transfer and expression in higher plants, rice biotechnology
Carol Loopstra, Tree genomics, gene expression and function of wood development
Thomas McKnight, Protein secretion in plants; plant genome 
organization and evolution
John Mullet, Functional genomics of plant stress and development
William Park, Gene expression in storage tissues, rice genomics
Alan Pepper, Comparative genomics of plant development
Dorothy Shippen, Telomerase function and plant genome integrity
David Stelly, Molecular cytogenetics, comparative genomics in plants
Terry Thomas, Functional genomics of plant development and 
environmental controls
Claire Williams, Pine genome evolution, quantitative genetics
Hongbin Zhang, BAC construction, genome assembly, and gene discovery


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