Number of t-DNA insertions?

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Don't know if these are what you saw, but you could try:

Feldmann, in Methods in Arabidopsis Research (Koncz, Chua and Schell eds),

which references:

Feldmann and Marks 1987 Mol. Gen Genet. 208:1-9
Feldmann 1991. Plant Jour. 1:71-82.

and gives the answer 1.4 T-DNAs per transformant using the seed
transformation protocol.

In article <3B95EF71.934B36EF at>, cjr41 at (John Runions) wrote:

>  Hi all,
>  I don't think I dreamed that I saw a paper describing the average number
>  of t-dna insertions in Arabidopsis following Agrobacterium-mediated
>  transformation but I can't find it anywhere.  Approximately 8 months ago
>  I saw the paper while casually browsing the literature in the library
>  but I didn't make note of the reference.  Literature searches have not
>  turned it up using either the keywords 't-dna' 'agrobacteri*'
>  'transformation' etc. Please tell me I'm not crazy?  Does anyone know of
>  the paper or does anyone have numbers that they would be willing to
>  share?
>  On the other hand though, I am very much more up on the literature than
>  I was a few days ago. (<- Poetry).
>  BTW the paper I'm looking for isn't: Young et al. (2001) Efficient
>  Screening of Arabidopsis T-DNA Insertion Lines Using Degenerate
>  Primers.   Plant Physiol. 2001 125 (2): p. 513.
>  Thanks for your help, John.
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