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One project involves the evolution of trichome shape in the
Brassicaceae. The experimental focus will be on the isolation and
functional characterization of orthologs of genes that are known to
control trichome shape in Arabidopsis. Mutations in these cytoskeletal
genes result in trichome branching phenotypes similar to those normally
seen in other genera of the mustard family. This project will attempt
molecular complementation of Arabidopsis trichome mutants with the
orthologs isolated from other Brassicaceae species.

The other project involves the study of sepal and petal development
among species of Clermontia, a Hawaiian endemic lobelia (Campanulaceae).
Two thirds of Clermontia species have a homeotic double-corolla
phenotype, and this research will attempt to solve its molecular genetic
basis. Preliminary studies have suggested that a B-function MADS box
gene is ectopically expressed in developing =93sepals=94 of double-corolla
plants, and so these genes and their regulators will constitute the
primary experimental foci.

Contact information:
Dr. V. A. Albert (victor.albert at
Dr. D. G. Oppenheimer (oppenhei at
Department of Biological Sciences
University of Alabama
Tuscaloosa, AL 35487-0344 USA

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