Real Time PCR

Julia Frugoli jfrugol at CLEMSON.EDU
Wed Sep 12 09:17:11 EST 2001

<x-flowed>We have begun experimenting in our lab with Real Time PCR as a
quantitative expression analysis tool.  Although we work with
Medicago truncatula, we rely heavily on the Arabidopsis community
when developing new techniques.  However, I've been unable to find
published reports of the use of Real Time PCR in Arabidopsis.  I may
be using the wrong search terms, but I'd appreciate any information
about published reports that use this technique.

In addition, I'd be interested in hearing from anyone who's presently
using this technique in Arabidopsis, published or not.  What gene do
you typically use as a control?  What primers are you using in
Cybergreen assays?  I've seen reports in other organisms of using
actin as a control, but I've heard that actin levels can be
influenced by plant hormones, and since we're specifically looking at
things affected by plant hormones, actin wouldn't be the appropriate

Any suggestions, comments, or caveats are appreciated.  If there's a
general interest, I'll share the responses with the newsgroup.

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