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Wed Sep 26 21:29:16 EST 2001

<x-html><!x-stuff-for-pete base=3D"" src=3D"" id=3D"0">Dear, all.
<br>Please, let me know anything about immunolocalization in plant cell.
<br>I'm a beginner for using microscope.
<br>I tried to do immunolocalization of a toxic compound in arabidopsis
<br>leaf or root cell.
<br>But, Autofluorescence of cell wall and chloroplast is too high to
<br>detect the other fluorescent marker(TRITC or FITC). I can use only 2
<br>kinds of filter set (calzeiss No9, 15 each range is Ex-BP450-490,
<br>Em-LP515, Ex-470/20, Em-LP590) how can I do? More specific filters
<br>for TRITC or FITC is too expensive for me.
<br>Usually, what kinds of fluorescent marker would be used for plant
<br>cell ? and what can I use the other methods?
<br>Gho, ara.
<br>College of Agriculture & Life Sciences
<br>Seoul National University
<br>103 Sedun-dong, Kwonsun-ku, Suwon 441-744, Korea
<br>e-mail: bwater9 at hanmail.net
<br>Phone: 82-31-290-2414
<br>Fax: 82-31-293-8608
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