Post-doctoral Position in Plant Physiology

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Thu Sep 27 03:15:05 EST 2001

Post-doctoral Position in Plant Physiology

Two postdoctoral positions for a period of 2 years are available in=20
our lab to study ATP-Binding Cassette transporters and P-type ATPases=20
in Arabidopsis.

Our laboratory studies ATP-Binding Cassette proteins and P-type=20
ATPases involved in response to biotic and abiotic stresses in=20
Arabidopsis (Leonhardt et al., 1997, Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 94:=20
14156-14161; Leonhardt et al., 1999, Plant Cell 11: 1141-1151;=20
Leonhardt et al., 2001, FEBS Lett. 494: 15-18; Gaedeke et al., 2001,=20
EMBO J 20: 1875-1887; Marin et al., 1998, Biochem. Biophys. Acta.=20
1369: 7-13). We would like to characterise further a few transporters=20
of these families involved in the cellular detoxification of=20
xenobiotics such as heavy metals. In order to follow this project, we=20
search for a motivated scientist that will be implicated in the=20
genetic and functional characterisation of these proteins. Approaches=20
include construction of overexpressing and analysis of knockout=20
lines, reporter gene analysis as well as functional characterisation=20
of the membrane transporters by heterologous expression.

Our lab is well equipped with all the latest technology for cellular=20
and molecular biology. It is part of the department of Plant=20
Ecophysiology and Microbiology where 100 researchers work in various=20
field of plant science. It is located in Provence, the South of=20
=46rance (70 km from Marseille with an international airport, 30 km=20
from Aix en Provence with an American Center), one of the nicest=20
places to live in.

Applicants should have a PhD degree, a publication in international=20
journal and a strong background in plant molecular biology. If you=20
are interested in this project, please send curriculum vitae, reprint=20
of recent publications and at least two reference letters (or contact=20
information for two individuals) directly to:

CEA Cadarache, UMR 163 CNRS-CEA, DEVM / LEMS
=46-13108, St Paul-lez-Durance, FRANCE
Phone: (+33) 4-42-25-30-48       Fax: (+33) 4-42-25-23-64
cforestier at

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