Operon-based microarrays

David Galbraith galbraith at arizona.edu
Tue Apr 2 16:09:33 EST 2002

<x-flowed>I am conducting a survey of the Arabidopsis community to 
determine the
demand for whole genome Arabidopsis microarrays based on the
oligonucleotide set produced by Operon.  I'd like to request funding from
NSF to provide microarrays to the academic community, but without evidence
of demand, this proposal is unlikely to be supported.

I calculate that it should be possible to provide microarrays containing
~21,000 sixty-mers at a cost of $65 each.  If you are interested in
obtaining these arrays, please respond to me (galbraith at arizona.edu)
stating numbers of arrays required per month.  I'll take it from there.

Thanks, and best wishes to all.

David Galbraith


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