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Mon Apr 8 08:39:28 EST 2002

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Dear North American Arabidopsis Researchers who have not yet voted in
the 2002 NAASC election (many thanks to those who have already

This is a reminder to cast your vote for UP TO TWO candidates from the
list below to serve on the North American Arabidopsis Steering
Committee (NAASC). To vote, either reply to this message or send an
e-mail to rejoy at with the phrase "NAASC Vote"
somewhere in the Subject line.  Votes must be cast BEFORE 5pm EST
April 8, 2002.  Your vote will be kept confidential.

Please reply with your votes or send your votes to
rejoy at with the words "NAASC Vote" in the subject line
as soon as you can!

Andrew Bent                 (U. Wisconsin, Plant Pathology)

John Celenza                 (Boston U, 

</color>Clint Chapple                (Purdue U., Biochemistry)

Greg Copenhaver           (U. North Carolina, Biology)

Xing-Weng Deng           (Yale U., MCDB)

Donna Fernandez           (U. Wisconsin, Botany)

Bill Gray                       (U. Minnesota, Plant Biology)

Jeff Harper                     (Scripps Research Institute, Cell

Joseph Kieber                 (U. North Carolina, Biology)

Rob McClung                  (Dartmouth College, Biological Sciences)

Michael Neff                   (Washington U.=F1 St. Louis, Biology)

Julian Schroeder              (UC San Diego, CDB)

Edgar Spalding                (U. Wisconsin, Botany)

Rick Vierstra                   (U. Wisconsin, Horticulture)

Brenda Winkel-Shirley     (Virginia Tech, Biology)

Thank you,

Rebecca Joy for the NAASC


Rebecca Joy, Ph.D.

Executive Secretary and Coordinator,

Multinational Arabidopsis Steering Committee (MASC)

425 Henry Mall

Madison, WI 53706


rejoy at

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