NAASC Election Results

Rebecca Joy rejoy at
Tue Apr 9 13:39:14 EST 2002

<x-flowed>Dear Members of the North American Arabidopsis research community,

I am pleased to announce, on behalf of the North American Arabidopsis
Steering Committee, the election of two new members of the NAASC:

Greg Copenhaver
Brenda Winkel-Shirley

Thank you to all of you who nominated colleagues and to all of you who
voted.  Greg and Brenda will begin their terms of service immediately.
The make up of the NAASC until the end of the International Arabidopsis
Conference is:

Kathy Barton				barton at
Mary Lou Guerinot			guerinot at
Peter McCourt				mccourt at
Mike Sussman				msussman at
Bonnie Bartel				bartel at
Eric Richards				richards at
Greg Copenhaver			gcopenhaver at
Brenda Winkel-Shirley		winkel at

Kathy Barton and Mary Lou Guerinot will retire from the NAASC at the
conclusion of the Conference.

Rebecca Joy for the NAASC

Rebecca Joy, Ph.D.
Executive Secretary and Coordinator,
Multinational Arabidopsis Steering Committee (MASC)
425 Henry Mall
Madison, WI 53706

rejoy at



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