Sending RNA samples by post

Moez Torki hai98120 at
Tue Apr 9 23:14:34 EST 2002

Dear all, I am looking for a reliable way to send crude plant extracts or
RNA samples trough postal service at ambient temperature. Actually the
samples are plants treated with bacterial and fungal pathogens. As we do not
have facilities to handle these pathogens I would appreciate if anyone could
advise on how I can obtain the RNA samples in order to construct cDNA
library. The samples will have a long trip of 7~10 days at ambient
temperature. The best for me would be to extract the samples at our lab. I
wonder in the homogenized tissues would be stable during the trip if
resuspended in a strong denaturing buffer such as Guanidine Thiocyanate.
Alternately, should the RNA travel as alcohol precipitate or formamide
resuspension ? Does anyone experienced such problem ?

Moez Torki
Institute of Agriculture & Forestry
University of Tsukuba
81-298537262 (voice/fax)
torki at


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