Sending RNA samples by post

Moez Torki hai98120 at
Thu Apr 11 00:36:21 EST 2002

Thanks for those who kindly shared their personal experiences & thoughts.

Most of people suggested to ship RNA samples as ethanol ppt. Others
recommended shipping as dry pellet (might be tough to dissolve though...)
However as I said earlier, I'd like to supervise the RNA extraction to be
confident with RNA quality. I was advised to try Ambion's RNA-Later
Alternately I'm quiet curious to try this :  keep some crude extract (from
wheat) in Guanidine buffer + phenol during one week @ RT and perform the RNA
extraction later on. Since the mixture forms a unique phase, there would be
little chance for Rnase to be active in such harsh environment. I'll be back
with the results soon (or maybe should I wait until patenting the new
extraction buffer (aka RNA_for_ever) :-)

Thanks again for your concern and good experiments for all of you !

Moez Torki
Institute of Agriculture & Forestry
University of Tsukuba
81-298537262 (voice/fax)
torki at


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