Postdoctoral opportunity

Carl Johnson carl.h.johnson at
Fri Apr 12 14:00:25 EST 2002

Postdoctoral Position
Vanderbilt University
Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Subject to final approval of funding, a postdoctoral position is 
available July 1, 2002, to study the interface between circadian 
rhythms, photoperiodism, and calcium fluxes. We have previously shown 
that basal free calcium levels are controlled by the circadian clock 
in plants (Science 269: 1863-1865) and have further studied its role 
in controlling gene expression (PNAS 96: 11659-11663). We have 
another paper in press (with PLANT CELL) that examines 
dark-stimulated calcium fluxes in chloroplasts. This position is to 
assess the role of circadian calcium fluxes in photoperiodism and 
phototransduction. A secondary project is to adapt our new method for 
measuring protein interactions (PNAS 96: 151-156) to plants. 
Experience with plant molecular genetics is necessary; experience 
with calcium-related research in plants is desirable. For more 
information about my laboratory, see our website:
Salary will be consistent with the NIH scale. Interested applicants 
should send a current CV including the names of three references to: 
Dr. Carl Johnson, Dept. of Biology, Box 1812-B, Vanderbilt 
University, Nashville, TN  37235 USA.
email: carl.h.johnson at

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