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Fri Apr 12 13:17:49 EST 2002

Medicago is a world leader in plant-made pharmaceuticals, 
specializing in the transformation of alfalfa into a living factory 
to produce high-value active molecules (medication, cosmeceuticals, 
and industrial enzymes ) .  Located in Qu=E9bec City, Medicago is 
currently seeking talented, dynamic and motivated researchers
ready to meet the challenges of a growing business.

You are a researcher interested in exciting research challenges in 
the industrial sector and you have theoretical knowledge and 
practical skills in one or more of the following fields :

* Plant transformation
* Post translational modifications
* Gene expression regulation
* Post transcriptional modifications
* Biochemistry of proteins
* Valuation of endogenous molecules

You are a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada and you 
are eligible for a NSERC Industrial Postdoctoral Fellowship. For more 
information on these fellowships, visit NSERC's website at :

Please send your application and the 200 NSERC Form
before May 30th, 2002 at :

Medicago inc
Human Resources Department
fax : (418) 658-6699
e-mail : rh-hr at

Take note that this employment offer is conditional to the successful 
application to the NSERC industrial postdoctoral fellowship. For more 
information on the positions available you may contact Dr. Pierre 
Bilodeau, Team Leader - Transformation Technologies, 1020, route de 
l'=C9glise, bureau 600 Sainte-Foy (Qu=E9bec), G1V 3V9
at (418) 656-2487 or by e-mail at : bilodeaup at

Pierre Bilodeau, Ph.D., Chef d'=E9quipe-Technologies de Transformation
MEDICAGO -  Usine de mol=E9cules recombinantes
1020, route de l'=C9glise, bureau 600
Sainte-Foy (Qu=E9bec) Canada  G1V 3V9
T=E9l. : (418) 656-2487 - Fax : (418) 656-2544
bilodeaup at -

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