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Barbara Halkier halkier at
Wed Apr 17 11:56:13 EST 2002

Hi everyone,
<p>The Oresund Summer University will run the tuition-free course Postgenomic
Plant Biology from July 18 to August 16 in Copenhagen (Denmark). The course
is aimed at students in their 4-5 year of study. If you know anybody that
would like to participate in this course please pass along the following
<p>The course deals with Plant Biology/Biotechnology in the postgenomic
era. In addition to basic textbook knowledge, the students will be educated
in the non-textbook knowledge (as the books are not yet written) to 
approaches to basic questions. The course consists of lectures in the current
technology on generation of mutants, microarray, proteomics, metabolite
profiling, protein modeling/graphics, sequence analysis, generation of
phylogenetic trees, as well as posttranslational and transcriptional gene
silencing. Current literature will be discussed in journal clubs. In the
afternoon, computer exercises will give the students hands-on experience
on analysis of array data, metabolite profiles, proteomics, sequences in
phylogenetic trees with bootstrap values, protein modeling, plus ensure
that the students are familiar with relevant websites in plant science.
The course will enable the students to make use of the tools available
in the postgenomic era.
<p>Please visit website for application form and further information: 
<br>For travel grants please contact the administration (address on website).
<p>Best regards,
<br>Barbara Ann Halkier, Assoc. Prof,
<br>Plant Biochemistry Laboratory
<br>The Royal Veterinary and Agricultural&nbsp; University
<br>Copenhagen, Denmark
<br>Email:bah at


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