Blast search program for multiple sequences

Keith Bradnam krb at
Thu Apr 25 11:26:56 EST 2002

On 15 Apr 2002, Ji Hoon Ahn wrote:

>  Dear Arabidopsis netters,
>  I am just wondering if there is a service (web-based) of blast search for
>  multiple sequences. We're currently connecting the NCBI's blast search and
>  searching individual sequence file; but it would save much time if we can
>  send multiple sequences at a time and receive results. Our lab prefers
>  receiving the results by emails but real-time searching would be also fine.
>  We'd appreciate if someone can share his (her) experiences. Thanks so much
>  in advance.


The BLAST facility at UK CropNet used to be able to let you submit
multiple sequences (I think):

This lets you search against a range of crop databases, the Arabidopsis
database used to be updated every day with new sequences from EMBLNEW.

Hope this helps,


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