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<x-charset iso-8859-1>Post doctoral RA, Light Signal Transduction, 
Halliday laboratory
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This is a three-year post funded by the BBSRC to identify and characterise
the gene that encodes the rby1 mutant allele. rby1 is a novel
light-signalling mutant that acts in phytochrome E and/or phytochrome C
signal transduction. To our knowledge this is the first evidence of a
phytochrome-specific mutant allele shown to alter the action of phytochromes
other than phyA or phyB. This research programme, therefore, presents an
excellent opportunity to probe for the first time the signalling events
downstream of phyE and/or phyC.

Dr Halliday and her research group recently moved to the University of
Bristol as part of a major investment in plant science that includes three
new lecturers (Drs K Halliday, C Grierson and S Hiscock) and a Professor (K
Edwards). The group works in newly refurbished, well-equipped laboratories
with purpose-built Arabidopsis growth rooms and specialist light treatment

You should have a PhD and expertise in genetics, physiology and molecular
techniques. You will need to have good organisational skills including the
ability to schedule and prioritise. You will also need to be reliable and
approachable, and communicate well with students, research staff, and others
within the School. The following would be advantageous but are not
essential: experience working with Arabidopsis, confocal and/or light
microscopy, experience of genome databases, a genuine enthusiasm for light
signalling, genetics, or developmental biology and any other knowledge or
experience relevant to the project.

Salary range =A317,625-19,681 per annum.

=46or further details telephone +44 (0)117 928 8111 or e-mail
recruitment at (stating postal address only). Electronic applicants
must include an "Application form for academic vacancy" found at

Closing date 9.00 am local time 3rd June 2002.



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