Positions to study Chromatin Dynamics and Organization

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Mon Aug 12 22:08:30 EST 2002


Postdoctoral fellow and technician positions are immediately available to
join a unique project funded by the NSF Plant Genome Program.  Using a novel
approach of autofluorescent protein fusions coupled with oligomeric operator
arrays, we have established the technology to visually track specific
insertion sites on chromatin of live Arabidopsis plants (Kato and Lam,
Genome Biology 2001).  More recently, we have applied a novel strategy of
spectral profiling to resolve up to four distinct fluorescent proteins
simultaneously in transformed plant tissues (Kato et al. Plant Physiology
2002).  We seek to recruit new postdoctoral fellows and technical assistants
to join a growing team of researchers at Rutgers University as well as Cold
Spring Harbor Laboratory.  We aim to produce a large collection of random
insertions with our tracking systems in order to create a global view of
chromatin organization and dynamics in interphase cells of live Arabidopsis
plants.  Experience in advanced microscopy techniques as well as plant
molecular and/or cell biology will be highly desirable.  Annual salary
ranging from $25,000 to $35,000 is commensurate with experience and track
record.  Interested applicants please send their current C.V. and inquiry to
either Dr. Eric Lam (Lam at aesop.rutgers.edu) or Dr. David Spector
(Spector at cshl.org) as soon as possible.  Rutgers University and Cold Spring
Harbor Laboratory are equal opportunity employers.

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