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Fri Aug 30 12:00:10 EST 2002

The Center for Plant Cell Biology
University of California, Riverside


The 22nd Symposium in Plant Biology

=93Frontiers of Plant Cell Biology:
Signals and Pathways, Systems Based Approaches=94

Dedicated to the Memory of Dr. Noel T. Keen

January 15-18, 2003
Riverside Convention Center near the historic Mission Inn
Riverside, Calif.

Co-Organizers: Natasha V. Raikhel and Zhenbiao Yang
    University of California, Riverside

Invited Speakers (accepted): Sally Assmann, Penn State University; 
Tony Bacic, University of Melbourne; Phil Benfey, Duke University; 
Steve Briggs, Syngenta; Joanne Chory, Salk Institute; David Carter, 
UC Riverside; Gloria Coruzzi, New York University; Xing-Wang Deng, 
Yale University; Ray Deshaies, Caltech; Joseph Ecker, Salk Institute; 
Timothy Galitski, Institute for Systems Biology; Herman Hofte, INRA; 
Gerd J=FCrgens, Universitaet Tuebingen; Tom Kirchhausen, Harvard 
University; Rob Last, Max Planck Institute of Chemical Ecology; 
Elizabeth Lord, UC Riverside; Elliot Meyerowitz, Caltech; June 
Nasrallah, Cornell University; Klaus Palme, Max-Planck Institute; Jen 
Sheen, Massachusetts General Hospital; Chris Somerville, Carnegie 
Institution, Stanford University; Mary Wildermuth, Massachusetts 
General Hospital.

Sessions: Cell-Cell Communication; Protein Trafficking; Cell Surface, 
Extracellular Matrix and Cell Wall; Signal Transduction and 
Proteosome; workshops on chemical genetics and visual microscopy; and 
a special session and panel discussion on systems-based approaches to 
plant cell biology.

Deadline for submission of abstracts for poster sessions is Oct. 15, 
2002. Abstracts can be submitted online at 
Posters are particularly encouraged by early-career scientists, 
postdoctoral associates and graduate students. Additional speakers 
will be chosen from among those submitting poster abstracts. 
Registration fees (in addition to all symposium materials, includes 
three lunches, one reception, coffee breaks, and two poster sessions 
with refreshments) are $75 for students and postdocs; $150 for 
faculty and industry representatives. Tickets for an optional 
symposium banquet at the Mission Inn are $15 for students and 
postdocs; $30 for faculty and industry representatives.

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or contact:
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